Standard Model reference diagram

[NOTE – this is re-post from the original incarnation of this blog.]

Don’t know your baryons from your bosons? Mixing-up your mesons with your muons?

Even those who know the most common particles and split them between the two main categories of fermions and bosons can still get somewhat confused when more exotic beasts are mentioned. And when you try to get your head around the less familiar categories, things can get a little confusing.

Here’s one of the classic representations of the Standard Model that you might see on the web:

Click image for source

It’s great, but only includes elementary particles, ignoring those made of bound quarks; the hadrons referenced in the H of the LHC.

Anyway, I was digging about looking for something unrelated in my documents folder when I came across a spreadsheet I’d created when trying to learn the particles and their categories.

So for anyone just wanting to get their head around the various categories you might read about (or hear about on Star Trek!), here’s my attempt:

Standard Model


And if that doesn’t help visually, here’s a better representation that illustrates the crossover between categories better:


Click image for source


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